23 April 2019

Our clients come from a range of industries and regions, but they all want the same thing — quality content that is effective and engaging. We love working with health and wellness brands because it’s an industry that’s growing quickly and one we really align with on a personal level. Our team recently worked with SmartyPants Vitamins to capture photo and video content for the launch of one of their new products SmartyPants is a Los Angeles-based company focused on simplifying health through gummy vitamins. Their vitamins feature authentic ingredients like omega 3s and vitamin D3, plus a full multivitamin to save you money and time.

We worked closely with the SmartyPants team to outline the production process and collaborate on specific shots. We pulled a mood board, scouted specific outdoor locations in East Village and began casting a variety of roles utilizing our deck of local talent. Ultimately, we shot nine scenes in a single day using only our loft in the East Village and the surrounding neighborhood. From family-driven content to post-workout recovery, the resulting photo and video content is varied and reflects the multiple facets of the SmartyPants brand.



This shoot provided us with the opportunity to push the limits of our loft, our team, and our neighborhood. We are really excited about the final product, which includes a 90 second product launch video, a 30 second Instagram brand commercial, and a little over 200 photographs from each scene.

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4 April 2019

Hale Production Studios began over two years ago in the San Diego neighborhood of South Park. Founded by Kirk Hensler and Alexis Asquith, Hale Production Studios specializes in capturing product and lifestyle content for a multitude of local and national brands — helping to craft the visual identity for Boochcraft, Chosen Foods, Bonafide Provisions, SmartyPants, and dozens of other brands.

We started Hale Production Studios in a tiny studio in South Park (after Alexis walked by and became so attached to the building, she talked Kirk into it). Here, we began with family photos, weddings and events that built out our portfolio and gave us experience, but we were only making $350 for shoots that could take up half our day. We decided to begin pursuing the commercial brand space. Few other companies in San Diego were doing it, and it was the type of content we were naturally drawn toward.

To get a feel for shooting commercially, we began working with a few local brands that we were passionate about. We learned pretty quickly that it was a different type of process. A huge variation in this form of content creation is the planning and production that goes into each shoot. In commercial shoots, the work is really only 10% about the camera. With our team, we began developing a streamlined approach to our production process that would answer the questions and concerns clients seemed to regularly ask — and deliver product and lifestyle images in a ridiculously effective manner.


Then we made the big jump. We’d become tired of sourcing locations (don’t get us wrong, we’re still down to get out there) and decided to build out our own production loft. The thinking was — to attract bigger brands we needed to offer more than just showing up to a location and shooting.

This first loft space, located in the East Village, featured a fully styled living room, kitchen and portrait wall with incredible natural light where the team could capture both lifestyle content and styled product images. The commercial clients came rolling in, and since then, we’ve been able to acquire a bigger, better loft in San Diego’s East Village. This 3,700 square foot hangar loft has 25 foot ceilings and industrial windows, perfect for the type of photos we are looking to capture. People freak out when they walk in. And that’s what we wanted to create here in San Diego.


In the last 18 months we have worked with over 100 clients and put ourselves in a brand new category of content creators. Our expertise in styling, our streamlined production process (including two fully styled lofts) and our unique perspective leads to content that is beautiful and ultimately effective in building the social media engagement our clients are seeking.

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To see behind the scenes on a studio shoot, watch the video below!

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5 October 2018

Every month we create content for Boochcraft. They've got us on a retainer because so much of their following comes from their Instagram presence and they're really good about keeping their feed lookin' fresh. 

Boochcraft is a San Diego brewed high-alcohol kombucha beverage. And by "high" we mean 7%ABV. While Kirk and I can't attest to the flavor ourselves - Rachel and Diana say it's absolutely delicious and retailers in California can hardly keep it on the shelf. 

Their content is three-prong: Lifestyle, Product, and Science. For each of these shoots we normally spend about a half day - 4 hours - so we can generate enough content to keep up with their 6 post per week social media schedule. 


Ashley, their head of marketing, put out a casting call through their Instagram so we got a really great mix of actual Boochcraft drinkers. Some were already friends, some were sisters, and after every shoot, like clockwork, the whole group stands around talking and making a plan for where to go and hang out next. We like to think this is our contribution to building community :) 

The theme was Golden Hour in Golden Hill shot street style. Think stoop kids. Diana and I found pockets of colored walls and iconic neighborhood landmarks (hello, Luigi's pizzeria!) that would give us a good variety of backdrops and would make all their Instagram posts unique.  



The wardrobe was a little grungy with a mix of fall, desert tones. We (Ashley, Diana, and I) sourced all of the looks from Urban Outfitters and asked the models to bring one of their own favorite outfits and basic shoe options. Wardrobe changes eat up a ton of time so it was important to limit that and add an accessory or jacket where we needed to mix it up. Then people (Kirk) started to steal the sunglasses... 

Kirk shot all of the portraits on a Cannon 5dMarkIV with a cannon 50mm f/1.2 and a gold reflector because - how did I forget this part?! - it started to RAIN mid-shoot. Of all days. So we had Diana working that reflector to fake our golden hour. Rachel was simultaniously shooting stock photos (hands holding bottles) on the Nikon d850 with a sigma 50mm f/1.4. The Nikon's are great for keeping color true and capturing a lot of detail. Alexis was managing the shot list, keeping an eye out for wardrobe malfunctions and changing out props. Ashley was slingin' booch, keeping the models happy!




The theme for this set was rustic fall, Big Sur coffee shop, and the feelings of coziness and warmth. We used a lot of wooden coasters and plates, linens in grapefruit and plum, with leaves and dried flowers for accents. Most of the props came from West Elm, Gold Leaf and Home Goods. Native Poppy had huge branches of leaves and rose hip berries that are hard to find here in Southern California.

We could only shoot 3 of Boochcraft's flavors but our goal was to come up with 20 unique sets to produce a lot of images.  Diana and I pulled our inspiration shots from other coffee shops, like Ketl, and organic beauty brands, like Laurel. I grouped the production schedule into three sections: fresh ingredients, fall styling, and bottles + glasses. Boochcraft is made from kombucha and cold pressed organic juice so it's really important to emphasize that in their branding. We styled the bottles amongst juicy grapefruit, sliced apples, and pops of lime and sprinkled their aromatic, dried ingredients around to give a celebratory, confetti feel. For the fall styling we brought in those beautiful props and etched glasses and paired the linens and foliage together. It's really important to give these shots a bunch of layers to make it feel dynamic. 

For product we love to do a mix of overhead and handhelds. Kirk mounted the Nikon d850 up top with the Sigma 50mm and shot at f/5.6 for the flatlays to keep everything on the backdrop in good clear focus. Handhelds were on the Cannon with the 50mm, shot at f/2.0 - sharper than wide-open but still distinctively stylish with a nice blurry falloff. We had two Kino lights set up as well as a tungsten spotlight to give that same golden warmth we produced for the Lifestyle shots. We also keep a spray bottle on hand to give the bottles and glasses some good condensation and make you feel thirsty - shoutout to the other photographer who DM'd us that tip!!! 



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